Things I thought when I was 18

-Don’t worry, in two years time, you’ll have your sh*t together, have an amazing job, a handsome skater boyfrien...

The past few days have been a perfect example of "nothing ever goes according to plan". At first I was shocked and scared and surprised. Now I...

I helped my buddy Tom move flats today and I'm glad they picked such a beautiful day for it (note the irony) and after this day that started p...

It feels really good! I have been looking forward to this. It is even funnier when you come across names of people that you've met before. Mak...

Not even sure why I picked this picture but I guess I wanted something to go with the song, Melancholy Hill, by the Gorillaz, a band I am typi...

Just a picture of the sky today but I hung out with my good friend that I've known since I'm little and am still friends with today and then i...

(One of the filming locations of Before Sunrise, Albertina, Vienna, July 2016) 

Just wanted to share this interview with Julie Delpy that I stu...

Saw two of my very good friends today (from different parts of the world) and spent all day outside. Lovely

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...a bilingual music, film and social media person based in London who's given up on being cool approximately five years ago.

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