Attempt of nonchalance

July 18, 2016


The barrier. It seems insurmountable. Unbreakable? Either really. Just like this wall.


OK enough with metaphors but I feel slightly nauseous when I think about having to keep going and coming up with topics- FOR MY BLOG! So just to get over my complex, I'm going to post the picture I had in mind for a background yesterday, but it ended up looking a bit too messy and the font could be hard to read.


Looks pretty basic but I quite like it. I took it pretty much exactly a year ago I believe, it's enroute to Broadway Market, close to which I used to live. All I needed to do is leave the house, turn right, cross Hackney Road, and walk down Pritchard's Road all the way. The wall would be on your right. Across from it there is now a really nice restaurant that I'd like to go to one day. After that comes the bridge over the canal, then the market starts on Saturdays, or, you know, business as usual for Broadway Market as it's just the name of the street.


I'm trying so hard right now, it's ridiculous. Just to write ANYTHING. I am so sorry. Next will be better, I swear.




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