Alley pictures

July 21, 2016





So I went on a crazy double wedding trip to Europe last week and took Franca with me for the second half. These are from the only morning we spent in Vienna with having to catch our separate flights back in the afternoon, oblivious yet to the mildly nightmarish journey we had to undertake to get back to Bratislava. None of these are edited in any way but I hope to do that some time to enhance viewing pleasure.


I want to point out my outfit, which either looks like a bold fashion statement or like I really didn't know what I was doing, and I guess it was a bit of both. I bought the dress a couple of years ago finding it fabulously ugly, I just couldn't resist. With these things I often think, if anyone is able to pull this off, it's probably me. Lol. Note that I exclusively wear leopard prints. Because they're punk. Even if they're multi-colored, possibly especially when they're multi-colored. Either way, I had packed in a way that I somehow neglected to take shirts with me- slightly inconvenient when you're planning on fulfilling the basic requirements of being a decent human being- so all I had left were stinky shirts or wearing a dress so I went with the dress. The first and only time I'd worn it was one time in Barcelona, will maybe post a picture of that as well. In any other context, not something I'd wear, but there you go.





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