When chaos starts to be less chaos

July 21, 2016


What a day, what a… day. After the most excruciating period of hunting for jobs and months of non-stop sending out CVs and applications after and before work, I have been offered a job today and I decided to take it. It is pretty exciting for me at this point, but I wanted to dedicate this post to emphasize just how real the struggle was.


So to keep track of my job search, I have counted the sent applications in my outbox today, including e-mails to people I have met through work that have offered to send around my CV. They came to 105 since March of this year. Out of these 105 contacted people, 15 have gotten back to me in one way or another, including “Thanks for your CV, we are not recruiting at the moment but we will let you know if something suitable comes up” and companies that have invited me for a chat. So basically one in ten applications will provoke a reaction, but that reaction might only be acknowledging that they have received my application, not resulting in an offer or an interview.


So there you have it, finding a job in London is hell and I’ve really put a lot of effort in it and made sure not to apply for the wrong kind of jobs, so really not reached too high. People in my position (with a runner/junior production-related background) apparently tend to apply for jobs that are way too senior for them, so plenty of jobsites warn them of not spamming companies and some websites even have a “Strike 3” rule that applicants can get reported if they apply for too many jobs they’re not qualified for. Damn.


I am excited about starting the job as the people are great and I think it will be a very good learning experience and I have been ready for a challenge for a long time. Very curious and a bit nervous to see how I will get on, it is my first actual job while being an adult (which I feel I haven’t been for a very long time, if at all).


Here is a song I discovered today, which I like.


Swim Deep- King City




Alright well peace!




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