Moving day

August 20, 2016





I helped my buddy Tom move flats today and I'm glad they picked such a beautiful day for it (note the irony) and after this day that started pretty early as well with failing to see the Victoria Miro exhibition due to the 300-meter line outside and running some errands in Angel earlier in the day.


He's got two very adorable bunnies called Peanut and Moo and obviously moving houses is a little bit too exciting for them so Tom was a bit worried about how they would take it but luckily they were not intimidated but quickly and happily seemed to accept the new environment. Moving day also involved vegan hotdogs and milkshakes at The Waiting Room in Deptford. Will have to dedicate a whole article to them at some point.


I also really loved the air tonight. It had gotten quite chilly in South-East but when I walked out of Tesco back in my neighborhood it all of a sudden felt like a humid Virginia night and I was overcome by a stinging sensation of joy. Life just seems more limitless when it's the summer.


This post is all over the place, but then again so is my life so there you go.




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