July 25, 2016


I've been using my comforter (!) as a nightstand, armchair and clothing rack for the past couple of weeks so I thought it's probably time I get my act together and sort out my room and reorganize some things so I can make sure I can enter my room without tripping over fourteen pairs of shoes or accidentally getting mummified in various clothing items.


I'm just wondering when if not now I would possibly have found the time to do this. Weekends too busy, weekdays barely managing to wash my dishes. 


I've been listening quite excessively to Blink's new California, and I am starting to enjoy it a lot more than after the first listen. My favourite track off of it is definitely San Diego, but I'm going to post a song by them that's not on the record apparently (at least according to the Spotify playlist?). Especially loving the sound of the chorus. It's called Hey I'm sorry


Going to sleep now with a giddy heart.




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