Waitrosin' it like it's 2015

July 27, 2016





Had the chillest late morning/noon/afternoon with Hardej today. Went for my National Insurance number interview at the Job Centre in the morning with an exceptionally friendly young lady and also the rest of the staff were just incredibly nice and polite. I had expected an administrational hell. Maybe I am prejudiced from my experience at the district authority.


Hardej and I then went on to analyse first the pastries and then the newspapers at Waitrose (conclusion: mainly fear-headlines) and then made our way to his place for some Excel FUN (I cannot stress this enough, even though I had already been bored before we'd even started) during a beautiful Camden day after it had rained while we had been inside looking at snacks and tupperware. A lot of teaching was done and a lot of learning was achieved. 


After a spontaneous change of mind we opted not for Subway but a new lunch place in Camden called Camden Bakery & Grill. Hardej went for marinated chicken and I went for what is breakfast to some people. Very cool place and really nice staff. Definitely coming back for cakes. 





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