Dreamy pumpkin feast

August 6, 2016


After a previous failed attempt to see an exhibition (Yayoi Kusama) at Victoria Miro due to the length of the queue (it was so long that I decided to drop out) I thought it would be a smart move to go on a weekday when there would be less people, but unfortunately approximately 17.000 other people had that same idea and showed up at exactly the same time as me. So I waited, optimistically assuming it would be a half hour wait max. It was almost two hours. Was it worth it? My flatmate (who persevered the time that I decided to leave) said it was. I'm not sure, but I thought about it, and I was almost ashamed to even think about this cheesy bumpersticker wisdom, I'm not going to spend all day regretting for having stood in line for two hours, in the end what I'll remember is that I went and saw the exhibition. So yea I'm just going to throw it out there and will apologise at the same time, you won't regret the things you did do in life, only the things you didn't do.


Big ole smirk face. It's way past my bedtime. 




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