East London Overkill

July 30, 2016



I know this sounds ridiculous and inexcusable for someone that has lived in East London for almost two years but I went to Hackney Wick for the first time today. My flatmate invited me to come along for pizza for a friend's birthday, but if it weren't for that, I would never have come out or even known people that go to Hackney Wick. (Note that I went because I knew there would be pizza- if they had said they were going out for drinks I probably would have stayed home.)


It was super interesting and cool to see a new part of town, or at least a part of town I am just not cool enough to have business in. I had a really excited feeling in my stomach when the graffitied buildings appeared out of nowhere, it felt like I was living part of my long lost past in Berlin in the 90s, but with adult eyes. I'd like to come back during the day, as the most thorough insight I got into Hackney Wick was into someone's living room, and bedroom, before they turned off the lights (I am talking about new loft style apartments right by the water front with huge windows, and yes, we watched a couple for a while and commented on their every movement).


Before that I met up with my old flatmates in London Fields, they were throwing a BBQ, along with 23.000 other people. Insane, I have never seen mass BBQs like that. 


And again it's funny how little I know what's going on or where the cool spots to go to are. And seeing my friends and flatmates all belonging to groups and all knowing a bunch of people that do cool stuff and hang out in hip areas and are just hip in general, I do realise how little I share with many people. But on the other hand, I came to London just under two years ago. I didn't know anyone. I really started from scratch. Especially starting in the spring/summer/fall of last year. And now I know a few people. And that is quite remarkable for me I guess.





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