Help me, I accidentally did a hipster thing tonight

August 3, 2016


Yea, don't ask me how but I ended up at the Magic Roundabout at Old Street Station tonight, for a bit over an hour. Of course not without complaining about the loud music, and the lack of seating, to a man at least twice my age (an editor who had invited me down that I know from my old job). Free drinks (of no use to me), a giant ping pong table in the middle from which cheers emerged in regular intervals, and important/hip/social people as far as the eyes could see.


Then went concert ticket crazy and now I'm going to three shows in five days and this all started because of this band, Pinegrove, that I discovered via Audiotree videos and really like their sound as it's something easy and not aggravatingly happy to just listen along while you're doing things on the computer. They're supposed to play The Lexington on September 13th and I was trying to get a ticket. The only show I didn't get a ticket for, obviously, is for the band I was looking for tickets for. 


Yea, anyway.




I especially like their song Angelina.



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