Regent's Park magic

August 4, 2016

I started writing a blog post but considering it is past midnight and I've got the energy of an 83-year old woman it's probably better I finish that another time.


Instead I'm posting this magical picture of a girl playing in the grass at Regent's Park. Her little sister was also around somewhere and I have one or two pictures of them together but I feel this one really stands out. The colors aren't ideal but I needed to apply an autocorrect filter on my phone so you could see her and the hairband- neither the time nor the concentration to do any sophisticated grading, not that I'd even be capable of doing that anyway.


Also, shoutout to that one presenter at Audiotree Live- he's the nicest, most positive, passionate and genuine interviewer I have ever seen. Watched Dowsing's and Turnover's full set and now listening to a bit of Mewithoutyou.




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