Russell is back!

September 1, 2016




Hooray, Russell (Brand) is back after a year or so of not doing shows in the UK.


Hilarious as ever, but casual and nonchalant as well as in your face and a huge portion of self-irony and making fun of himself. What also hasn't changed is that he is still one of the smartest and quickest thinkers along with his occasional outbursts of demanding the exploration of eternal consciousness and transcendence through spirituality and abandoning all ties to our material(istic) world.


What did change for him personally is that he has moved from just around the corner from my house in Hoxton to Henley (aka the countryside), and he is having a funny time adjusting, and taking care of his dog, his two cats, his twelve chickens and soon also his baby. Basically he is settling down, and he is ending his life as a bachelor and settling down and committing to faithfulness to his girlfriend. I find it unusual that he would share this information- he posted about it on Instagram and talked about it in his interview- but of course I am super curious and happy that this adventure is happening to him. 


Either way, I am always having the greatest time listening to Russell's musings. This one took place at the Pleasance Theater in Holloway. Lovely venue.


My favorite moment of tonight's show where I found myself really touched was probably when a lady asked him "What advice would you give your 16-year old self?" who turned out to be there with his 16-year old son. Russell basically reminded him that all material things do not matter and won's make us happy, and that looking for gratification through materialism will result in misery. I agree with this on so many levels and I see in this a lot of what's not going so well in today's society. Of course, myself included, I am by default dependent on at least some level of materialism (food, shelter, and of course media and entertainment- though part of that might still be debatable and be able to pass as art, and therefore qualify as an essential element, in some way). But I think especially young people get caught up with these things, things that don't actually matter but that we of course still get worked up over. To recognise this early on will really make a difference and enable you to focus on other things that actually matter. In my book these are the people in your life, friends and family, and your surroundings, and things you want to do, and taking care of yourself. Nothing else matters. Many young people are cruel, judgmental devils (and might never grow out of it) but acknowledging that that isn't real or relevant is a huge step towards happiness and leaves you worrying about a lot less.




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