The Gloria Record- How have I never come across this?

September 3, 2016

Especially in times when the internet knows literally everything about you, how have I never come across The Gloria Record? How has the internet failed me? It knows which brand of toothpaste I buy but it doesn't know that I would have freaking loved to know about Mineral's Chris Simpson's side project?? How ludicrous! After The Power of Falling and EndSerenading I was starving for more Mineral but knew this was all there would ever be. The blow was softened when Mineral announced a tour in 2014, which I had thought must be kind of a cruel joke because... how is this dream of mine coming true after making it my life goal to find a sadder, more powerfully soul crushing song than Parking Lot, knowing I'd never get the chance to see them live after they disbanded? (N.b. I had tears streaming down my face when I got to watch them play Parking Lot right in front of me at The Underworld last year)


I am so stoked to have found The Gloria Record, and rumour has it that there are even more side projects from former Mineral members swirling around the inter webs, or at least more than I had already discovered, like Pop Unknown and Imbroco. Of course it's a different band and all, but I (fortunately?) don't have the depth in musical education to be able to differentiate precisely the ways in which they actually sound different to Mineral. But to my ear it luckily sounds very similar, just a bit softer, dreamy and more open and less distortion so you can hear the guitar picks. I am so zen right now. Just halfway through the self-titled EP after starting A Lull in Traffic, immediately recognizing Chris' vocals and starting the investigation about who else is behind this. 


Genuinely zen.


Favorites: Miserere, A lull in traffic, , Tired and uninspired, Ozona & Sonora, Sonora & Ozona 





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