The fortunate few

September 2, 2016


I was remembered today how unique people are. And how it's such a miracle for me to have found friends, over the course of literally decades, in various places of the earth, from the most different backgrounds, and connect with them on such profound levels. 


I spontaneously, but finally saw my former flatmate again today after a year. For him, life couldn't be more different than when we last saw each other. Until this day I cannot even begin to comprehend what he and his family had to go through these past months. I didn't ask him about it as I am not sure how he has chosen to deal with this incredibly painful void. And his parents, I can't imagine a loss more tragic and heartbreaking than that of your own child.


I don't want this post to get too dark or make it about my friend's very personal devastating event. Rather, I wanted to point out how magical a connection like ours is, that we went on right where we left off, not a second of awkward silence or having to readjust, and it's truly beautiful when you establish this bond with someone. It's like we never left. 


I am so proud and so impressed with all of my friends. I am so proud to call them that, because I think we all share certain values and morals that connect us. These morals aren't something you can learn or acquire, I think they reside deep within us and are glued to our hearts and personalities. I am so glad that our existence on this planet coincides and that life has arranged for us to meet there and then. I know I don't have a huge circle of friends- in fact I don't have a circle of friends, just individual ones- but I have some remarkable friends and today was an example of just how stunned I was to be part of their lives. It is sad that I don't get to see most of my friends most of the time due to spatial, geographical circumstances but when I do see them it's like time and space never even existed. 




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