Fights At Shows Are Selfish / Apologies, I Have None Record Release Show At The Old Blue Last

September 8, 2016




I saw the very entertaining Apologies, I have none last night at The Old Blue Last when they played a free record release show. Huge shout out to them and the organisers- it's so cool to be able to just walk down the road (which The Old Blue last is literally located for me) and see a free show, on a Wednesday night, and the place was packed.


This post in some ways reflects exactly what my argument is. Regardless of which order I would have put those two titles, the info that sticks is not about the record being released, which she show was ultimately celebrating. It's the part about fights at shows. And it's that which draws the attention away from the actual event. 


Though really not a bad fight at all, a fight did break out last night within the mosh pit, or let's just call it chaos zone because it wasn't precisely a mosh pit. It didn't last for long and the band didn't even stop playing but it managed to really put a damper on the levity of the night in my opinion. I'm not sure how many people that were there would agree with me, but I just find it so selfish of people that choose to get in to fights (because you could find ways of at least ignoring someone that is trying to provoke you, or deescalate a tense situation in a similar way). But not just in general, I mean specifically at a show where everyone is just wanting to have a good time (for the most part). And this night in particular, a band is playing new music for the first time live for an audience. They are probably kind of nervous and want to do well and they want people to like it and respond well. And then you have to take that away from them by making it about yourself and your ego. I find that the most unsuitable time to lose control over yourself. It's causing drama in the most ridiculous way and it's distracting from the actual event, and, evidently in my case, it leaves a bitter taste and it's absolutely beyond the band's control. They have no control over how the show is perceived and remembered. I think if you have the intention of getting into a fight, maybe don't go out at all, and if you go out without the intention of getting into a fight and you're on the verge of getting into one anyway, stick with your intention and don't let yourself get so provoked and throw a tantrum when really it's about the band and their moment. You can totally keep it together right there and then.


Apologies' new album is called Pharmacie. I don't think they played that many songs off of it but I really like the direction they are heading with it. It's very dark but varying in pace and intensity and very melodic. They are touring Europe this month and play Hafenklang in Hamburg on the 25th- I always get excited when I see dates there. 


To my surprise they didn't play 60 miles, they actually didn't. I thought it was a joke when they said they weren't going to play it again. But honestly this album has plenty of other songs to sing along to I didn't miss it all that much this time.



Highlights: Goodbye, Peace of Mind, Everybody Wants to Talk About Mental Health, It's Never the Words You Say, The Clarity of Morning


Pharmacie is out on August 26th via Holy Roar Records







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