It's OK to be lame- The what and why of it.

September 9, 2016

I have never addressed the (previous and original) name of this blog but it's actually a quite interesting phenomenon closely connected to being an overall outsider and even though not many people may want to admit this, I'm sure that a huge amount of people can relate to this.


The name of this blog refers to my acceptance and embrace of the fact that I I will never be one of the cool kids that go out to crazy parties and have loads of stories to tell. If every time I go out I can’t wait to go back home, and if coming home is actually the best part about a night out, then surely something must be wrong.


I am certain that my inability to enjoy going out to clubs is inevitably connected to me not drinking. But I often when discussing this topic with friends or other people, many people mention that they really aren't having that great of a time and really they're just bored but they don't know what else to do. So I think if more people just chilled out and didn't let this societal pressure get to them they would eventually see that it's okay to just to the things you want to on a Friday night when you come home from work and you are beat, even if that means eating crisps for dinner and going to bed at 9pm. It's much more satisfying, I would argue, to do exactly what you want and feel like in that moment rather than thinking that, well, it's the weekend, so I better go to this party because it is what I'm supposed to do as a young person. Even if doing what you want doesn't correspond to what the majority of people will consider 'cool'.


I'm sure that everyone has been in a situation where they were relieved when someone cancelled plans, because really you just wanted to stay home and watch an awfully cheesy romance movie while wearing your favourite sweater that has eight holes in it eating Doritos and frozen waffles and not talk to anyone or something equally pathetic. But honestly, if that makes you feel happy, then that's all that matters. Different people have different levels of comfort. But I believe everyone (in my generation, broadly speaking) has the same idea of having fun. So there's a lot of lame-shaming going on and with a rebellious mind like mine I can't help but encourage people to be themselves and do what they want without worrying about their status in society, or even among their group of friends. There is so much pressure to fit in, so much pressure to be cool, so much pressure to be social and outgoing. If this doesn't compute with your nature, don't force it. You'll be much happier that way. That's the best advice I can give, acknowledging that I am in no position whatsoever to give advice. It is hard sometimes, and it is also hard not to get carried away and not get antisocial with this attitude but I think it is important to follow your gut. If you don't feel like going to a party and be surrounded by shouting strangers in a dark techno pub then pushing yourself to go probably won't change your mind. 


But yea, there you have it, in a nutshell, it's okay to be lame. Do what you want and don't worry about how it is perceived. Don't fool anyone, and don't fool yourself if you'd rather be somewhere else, that's where you have to go. Life is too short to regret your nights.


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