Donut urges

September 10, 2016



I sacrificed a lot today when I decided to go out into the rain to buy donuts. But I am a woman of clear priorities so naturally, donut urges < not having a donut, so I walked down to Brick Lane to pay the Dum Dum Donutterie a visit. Last time I had gone they were closed, so I double-checked their opening times before I left (this detail will be a crucial element of the narrative, read on to find out why).


I walked in uncomfortable humidity which left my hair in the most awkward frizz and my whole body sweating because while I had been confident about my outfit choice when I left the house, all of a sudden it felt 36 degrees and I was trapped in a tropical urban forest in a giant hoodie and tight Dr Martens, my hair sticking to my cheeks. Downright gorgeous I looked, simultaneously fighting with my leopard umbrella that would be more stable if it was made from toothpicks. In other words, what I had imagined to be a pleasant chance to catch some air turned into a pilgrimage of great discomfort.


However nothing could have prepared me for the disastrous discovery I made upon arriving at the donut shop. It. Was. Closed. 


After standing in the street in disbelief for a solid twenty seconds I decided life needed to go on. I decided to navigate towards Rough Trade, the record shop where they have a small selection of Crosstown Donuts but, in continuation with my luck on my previous mission, they were all out of donuts. Slowly it dawned upon me that I would have to admit defeat sooner or later and I was contemplating whether I was willing to accept alternatives to donuts. I wasn't. A flash of genius suddenly made me realise there was one last option I had not considered that would potentially finally lead to the unity of deep-fried sugar dough and my mouth. The Boxpark. 


Spotting the Dum Dum logo from afar I entered the donutterie at last. And as I picked two glorious pastries it was as if the purchase symbolised my struggle in life. I had fought for it and I hadn't given up and I succeeded at last. Am I getting carried away? Uh you tell me but I don't think so. Let this donut story be a lesson to us all. Dream big and reach for the stars and if you work hard, you can do anything you want.*


After this adventure and while writing this post, my good buddy came by with the biggest pizza I have ever seen, and potato skins with cheese. And I got to eat all of it. Good clean fun is what I'm all about. 





Dum Dum Donutterie Online




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