mewithoutyou- I never said that I was brave (Acoustic version)

September 12, 2016

One of the songs I got obsessed with recently is this really rare acoustic recording of mewithoutyou’s ‘I never said that I was brave’, which was originally released on the band’s debut album ‘[A→B] Life’ as a full post-hardcore track. With lyrics slightly altered and rearranged the acoustic version comes as a hidden track at the end of ‘The cure for the pain is in the pain’ off of the same album.


However, the songs are essentially completely different songs. What makes it sound so entirely different not only from the original version but also from the rest of the album is- well besides the fact that it’s acoustic - that it is sung by mewithoutyou bassist Daniel Pishock, whose voice brings a Sunny Day Real Estatesque vibe to it. Which is why I am really loving this song as it screams 90's emo. The beginning almost made my heart skip a beat as it is very reminiscent of Mineral’s 'Parking lot'.  


The lyrics seem transformed in this new acoustic context and are adding a whole new layer of meaning, in the sense that they are just meant in a different way this time than when performed in full distorted sound. They are much more fragile and make it seem beautifully depressing instead of angry:


If you'd unlatch the window,

If you'd let me lay there on your floor

If you'd give me another chance,

If you'd forget the pain I caused before

No use in saying how I'm sorry

So I'm trying not to speak

I'll sing in silence, lay beside you

With my face there on your cheek


Listen and compare both versions here:


I never said that I was brave (Full band version)


I never said that I was brave (Acoustic version)





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