Last days of summer

September 13, 2016

I am quite sad because even though this summer has been an actual summer here in London, I never seem to find a way to enjoy it like other people would. Sure, I've had a few nice walks and... Wait no, that's ACTUALLY it. How underwhelming. What happened to staying out until you can hear the sky getting light and the birds singing? Whatever happened to an actual summer break, the kind you'd get from school, six weeks off or more, with nothing to worry about- not even homework. Part of this is of course simply growing up and having more stuff to worry about. But it is also me in particular, as I am a person that doesn't seem to be able to all of a sudden know loads of people, I though I would like to, but for some reason I am just not as socially skilled, even though I am very easy to get along with and very friendly. But that's a whole different story.


A thing that I miss to do is just getting ice cream at 11pm in the summer, but it seems that that isn't something that the British people are particularly into. Will investigate though. But the air is so nice and light and summery, I would have loved to go outside and just walk in the dark, but then again that might not be the safest thing to do for a girl (because we live in a society where girls can never feel 100% safe- again, that's another issue.)


This picture is a reminder that- I don't wanna say winter is coming- but that it is getting colder after these glorious two days that are to follow this very hot day. Sad and my fault (sorta) for not making the most out of my summer, but really, these days I have a whole lot of things to worry about so I can't just put that on hold and enjoy the weather. Even if I didn't have those, I still probably wouldn't know how to use my time in the best way, due to friends being absent or busy. I try my best to enjoy my surroundings by myself but sometimes that just gets a bit old.


Again, that is a whole different chapter, which I'm happy to write about some time soon. For now I am hitting the hay.







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