Review: Nothing live at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen

September 21, 2016


Super late, so super embarrassing, especially given the amount of news that’s surfaced since Friday (Merkel has suffered major losses in the Berlin election, there was a random explosion in New York and Brangelina are divorcing, with the German public broadcast deciding to publish an article incredibly painfully titled ‘What a Pitty’). But I wanted to say a few words about Nothing’s show at the Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen.


My friend was super stoked to see them but then ended up not really enjoying himself all that much unfortunately- not because they weren’t good, but I guess the venue attracted a crowd that he might not have felt entirely comfortable with. After the show we left the concert room and were confronted with alcohol-high dance freaks and disco tunes and everyone looked incredibly posh. So at that point I was definitely with him.


But as for the show itself, I have to say I am impressed. I was a bit nervous that they wouldn’t be able to pull off their sound live, as is often the case with Shoegaze. There’s just something about the often monotonous nature of the genre that might be perfect for listening at home with headphones on or playing in the background while you’re focusing on something, but being played live at a show, there’s a certain awkwardness about it because it’s so dreamy and echoey, you never really know how to move or dance to it, and it sounds distorted enough already on record. Add the usual noise of a live show to it and it ends up sounding very different than what you may have expected.


I think Nothing delivered an incredible show given how challenging it is to engage an audience with their genre. ‘Fever queen’ was the perfect opener, which is also the first song off of their album ‘Tired of tomorrow’, and it was stuck on my head for the better half of the week and I played their whole record on repeat until two days ago. Towards the end they played ‘Bent nail’ which they had sped up and it was gloriously hardcore. The only song I was missing personally was ‘Guilty of everything’ which might have been a bit slow for the audience. Some of these people (mostly three or four grown ups still in their work-attire- how odd. But they were having a good ole time on the dance floor/in the pit. Without understanding that they were in the pit).


These guys were actually really exciting to watch with loads of guitar flips and expressive moshing/violent dancing so this was definitely not a show that would leave me awkwardly swaying or trying really hard to get into it without getting really into it. I was pretty mesmerized. However, I did something extremely irresponsible that might have helped me get into a bit more (-nope, still not talking about drugs). I took out my earplugs - please don’t follow my example. As I said, extremely foolish but it made quite a difference. 


At the time of the show I actually didn’t know that the singer/guitarist/founder of the band was actually insane. Like not just, oh, he’s a crazy guy, but actually insane. I just saw an interview that he did and also read some things up on him on the interwebs and unfortunately saw a picture that comes up that has a lot of blood on it. I’m really not happy I saw that picture. If you’re interested at all in the private life of these kinds of people, I guess look it up.


But still, catch them whenever you can, they are touring Europe until October 15th.


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