Turnover At The Dome

October 13, 2016



Turnover are a really good live band, period. I got the chance to see them yesterday, for the second time, but for the first time after they changed their sound after the EP. I am not usually someone that doesn't embrace a change in sound when bands go for it, but I have to say I do prefer their oldest tunes. 'Sasha' is one of my favourite pop-punk songs of all times because it is just so evocative of a time in my life where things were really freaking emotional and the song is pretty much an ultimate expression of all of that, the pace, the aggression, the spark of hope, the youth, the energy. Paired with the geographic coincidence that the person I connect the song with is, like three quarters of Turnover, Virginia-based.


I don't have all that much to say about the show because they were just good, that's it really. They opened with 'Cutting My Fingers Off' and played 'I Would Hate You If I Could', which is my favourite one off of 'Peripheral Vision' that they recorded while they still had their old sound (they released two versions of it). 


But I felt a bit weird about the vibe at the show, because in the UK (or maybe that's only London) there is just a drama vibe- everyone is talking about everyone all the time, everyone has opinions on people stage diving or dancing, and no one ever shuts up and just enjoys the show I find. Yes, there were loads of girls who got up on stage and danced around and then got off again. I understand it's distracting for bands and it sucks if people mess with their equipment by being on stage. But I have this mentality that it's a band with pop-punk roots and everyone's in it together and that there shouldn't be a huge distance between the fans and the band and as long as they're not annoying the band, everyone should be cool with it. But for some reason people were really bothered with girls getting up on stage, as if there was a secret consensus about how we should judge these girls instantly. I just never felt this way at shows in Germany for example.


I know I am clueless because I am not in the scene, but those were just my sentiments, there is just this layer of drama here, or, the potential for drama and fights and judgment. 


But coming back to the music itself, not the culture or scene that has evolved around them since 'Peripheral Vision'- which solidified their status as a shoegazey indie band as 'Magnolia' was somehow in between the style of the EP and their latest album- thinking about Turnover just sent me into a massive wave of nostalgia about how I used to feel about their music. It is even more happening because I know they won't ever play those songs again. I remember when I saw them in Berlin and they played 'Disintegration' for the first time, I thought my heart was about to explode, I was just feeling it so hard. And I just listened to 'Daydreaming' for the first time in a long time and I am mentally in freaking sob land. I'm trying to pinpoint the time in my life that it corresponds to but I'm having a hard time. In honour of this memory lane pitstop I am posting 'Daydreaming' as opposed to 'Sasha' or a song off of 'Peripheral Vision' or 'Read My Mind' (which isn't quite sad enough for my taste), because I had obviously temporarily forgotten about it yet it is such a poignant expression of the things that were going on during that time.







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