Radio silence

November 7, 2016

Times are turbulent, and there is a lot to do and think about.


I have finally got some color in my hair again, and it feels so great. I really do feel like myself again, especially when my hair is contrasted with the rather conservative/regular looking clothes I wear to work.


I am incredibly nervous for tomorrow. I am not an American citizen so I don't know why it bothers me so much, but maybe because I am realizing that a victory would officially turn the U.S. into a joke of a country, and that just wouldn't have positive consequences globally.


There has been a new layer added to the insanity that is Brexit, for which I am excited.


Paris is the place of my dreams, I have many pictures to post but will do so another time.


My friend showed me Julien Baker and I like her quite a lot, mostly the really sad songs.


Note from 19/11/17: I am writing this a year after I found out about Julien and have had the privilege to see her live four times (!) this year, the last time of which was one week ago exactly. There is so much more to be said about her. In fact, everything is still to be said about her. One of the great artists of my time, in every sense of the word. I am also LOLing about the fact I wrote 'mostly the really sad songs' as of course all of her songs are really sad. I guess I was judging the sadness of her songs based on the minor chord progression. Anywho - happy JB anniversary to me. 





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