Sibling - EP release / Complaining about life

November 30, 2016

My friends in Sibling have released their first EP, 'Miserable love'. It is a banger.


I was at the video shoot for 'Circles' and did some behind the scenes filming and I am currently assembling it into a neat little video, it's just taking forever and I have no break in sight.


Life is still moving way, way too fast. I wish I had more time to write and edit and do picture stuff. But at the same time, staring at screens is also tiring and hurting my eyes and all I do is sit and my posture is getting so bad. However, I have no physical strength at the end of the day, especially when taking 50 minutes to get home and getting lost in London's underground tunnels and being so hungry I don't have the strength to cook but have to buy takeaway instead, which I can't afford. 


In other words, I'm exhausted, but Sibling's EP is a must and it is free to download on bandcamp.

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