Whale Rider

January 25, 2017


I finally got around to watching Whale Rider.


I was having a hard time figuring out what I felt like watching, or doing, for that matter, with my choices being limited on my sick day. Reading this interview of the Lord of the Rings cast interviewing each other made me feel the urge to watch something with more depth and something more unfamiliar than indie dramas.


I remember when this movie came out, I was very little.


Keisha Castle-Hughes' acting is incredible and at times heartbreaking. I really wonder how a 13-year old manages to convey these sorts of emotions, and such a range thereof, without looking ridiculous. The scene below is so remarkable.



The scene where she rides off is iconic.


Every time I see New Zealand on the screen... I feel the urge to go there.


And every time I see a whale on the screen I remember how badly I want to see one in the wild.


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