January 26, 2017


This makes me shiver. So proud of everyone that came out last Saturday. I didn't but hope to redeem myself in other ways.


It's honestly baffling how we, as human beings on this earth, have the capacity to have such evil in our hearts and not even admit to it, or not be able to see it.


What's happening in America is absolutely terrifying. It really feels like we're in some sort of Disney Movie where the villain has taken over power and the whole land is turned into ruins while the evil people congratulate themselves on having destroyed all that was ever good.


It shouldn't be about who is good and bad, because this is always subjective, but it should absolutely be about being kind and trying to understand each other. I came across some pro-Trump tweets yesterday and it almost seems like these people live in an alternate universe where all they do is hate and malign.


I don't see how a country this divided will build bridges. With many people you can reason but if the truth is considered optional, if facts are considered irrelevant, if hatred is flourishing and love is rare, how do you reach these people that have no compassion and no open-mindedness? a


We need humility and separate ourselves from our egos but on a more practical note, we need people to travel. We need certain people to be exposed to a variety of people that are different from them, we need them to grow up in a multicultural society, we need them to grow into accepting, trusting individuals with open hearts and minds.


Unfortunately I can't see the unison for America any time soon. I hope it proves me wrong.

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