Fenech Soler At Heaven - Back at it again

March 2, 2017

Last night I went to Heaven for the first time - a venue I definitely wasn't cool enough for, and London through and through.


My friend Tom, who plays and TMs for Fenech Soler, is honestly one of the best people I know. I helped him duplicate handwritten setlists and was offered not entirely delightful lemon tea - in theory my kind of drink.


Fenech Soler just released their third album Zilla, the first one after Dan and Andrew left the band. They've been in America earlier this year doing some promo and playing a few sets, as well as full shows in LA and NYC.


After the show I had to go sleep, and also it got very very crowded backstage with friends and people from the label, and I was in my regular attire so I felt out of place but was mainly ready for bed.


Tom, the ledge, called me an Uber and it was genuinely the most I've ever enjoyed an Uber ride.


Desperately in need of sleep, but tomorrow it's already the weekend.




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