Interview With Sibling

March 17, 2017

I caught up with the incredibly lovely and talented boys from Sibling after their first ever London show at The Old Blue Last a few weeks ago.


With a focused and energetic set the young Maidenhead/Windsor three-piece absolutely nailed their baptism of fire while playing alongside Nervus on The Permanent Rainbow Tour. Showcasing their already extremely distinct sound - though compared with Jimmy Eat World in this review - the band played four songs off their remarkable debut EP Miserable Love.


Benio, Sam, Lewis and touring musicians and mates Adam and Tom opened the set with 'Circles', easing the audience into their atmospheric and heavily melodic sound. After over a year since Benio's previous band Hindsights played their last show, it is truly moving to see him back in a place that he so obviously belongs.


Finishing the set with 'Silver' the area at the front of the stage quickly filled up with kids eager to sing along to the catchy chorus of a song that - despite a gorgeous little music video - had never been performed live until the tour.


Sibling also treated London’s crowd to a taste of their second EP with the dark, tragedy smitten 'Breathe In' and 'Love/Sick', which culminates in a spine-chillingly melancholic bridge.


The band will play at The DIY Space For London next month as part of Backpack Fest! alongside Crywank, itoldyouiwouldeatyou and Don't Worry. Make sure to catch them and tell them you love them.


Check out the interview and follow Sibling on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all updates.


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