Basement At Bush Hall 04/05/17

May 4, 2017

Basement is still one of my favourite bands to watch live. This show was the last of a sold out three day run at Bush Hall in Shepherd's Bush.


Unfortunately I seemed to have spent the entire show taking pictures and filming some bits (video still in the making - shameful) because when I was ready to finally put down my camera for a bit they were playing the first tunes of 'Covet', the song they classically finish shows with, with no encore.


While it's a shame they didn't play a longer set it was energetic through and through, sort of compensating for the short length. I guess playing a short, intense set is better than a long half-hearted one.


My favourite part is when it gets a bit quieter and calmer and the first stringey/strummy bits of 'Aquasun' come on. By far my favourite song by them.


I guess they are not officially back together but let's hope they'll play London again soon.


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