Interview With Witterquick

July 28, 2017


I've had the absolute pleasure of hanging out with the lovely gentlemen from Witterquick ahead of their gig at Surya in London. 


Witterquick are an energetic, young band from Exeter, with a sound reminiscent of Young Guns and Thirty Seconds to Mars to my ears. They released their EP 'Beneath the spinning lights' last year after perfecting their sound with Bring Me The Horizon producer Romesh Dodangoda.


These guys were honestly heaps of fun to chat to and are phenomenally passionate about their work. Besides piecing together their band history, they talked about what bands they'd like to tour with (shout out to Biffy Clyro, Don Broco and The Excerts), favourite songs to play live, and of course where there is Witterquick, unicorns aren't all that far away either...


They then went on to playing a smashing set (teaser about the setlist in the video) after having played an exclusive acoustic performance prior to the show. Definitely don't miss out on watching them live as you can tell they bloody love what they're doing (and I don't even use the word bloody!)


Their brand new single 'Lie to me' is out now! Watch the video here and download the single right here. To download their EP 'Beneath the spinning lights' head right on over here


And most excitingly, their new EP 'Fire and ice' will be coming out on October 6th - preorder here

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