Blood Bank - Heaven

July 29, 2017

Blood Bank is not yet officially a thing but it's the name under which former Man Overboard guitarist Wayne Wildrick and ex-I Call Fives singer James Corbi have now put out their first song 'Heaven'.


This track is a huge surprise to anyone expecting Wayne Wildrick and James Corbi to adhere to where tradition has kept them within the last decade with their respective previous bands.


The only thing that is remotely reminiscent of Man Overboard is the riff at the beginning when isolated but as soon the first verse kicks in we're in a different galaxy with understated vocals and electrifying guitars and a sharp bass line. I'm sure I'm not the only one to get Joy Division, early New Order and The Smiths vibes from this brilliant track, which has a similar aura of mystique and sophistication to it. It's hard to believe Blood Bank managed to create something brand new and capture and contemporize the nostalgia of 80s post-punk completely effortlessly.


What can happen within 2:23 minutes that's so great you ask? All you need to do is listen and you'll be finding yourself craving more. Promise. This song is absolute perfection and according to this Alternative Press article they've got a few more in the works. But no pressure.


Download and listen to 'Heaven' here or below for lyrics and follow Blood Bank on Twitter and Instagram




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