Interview With Heavy Heart

August 6, 2017


I had the pleasure of asking the amazing London band Heavy Heart some questions ahead of their gig at The Sebright Arms in Hackney.


Heavy Heart are a London based rock band with some undeniable 90s vibes and catchy melodies.


While lounging casually on the floor (my personal fashion choice was to have a piece of black tape stuck to the bottom of my shoe) and hoping for the rain not to ruin our spirits or expensive technology, we talked about the unusual production of their LP 'Keepsake', their favourite London venues and some other great bands to come out of Crawley...


We did get distracted by two drunk gentlemen, one of whom owns a three legged dog that made itself right at home in front of the lens. Skip til the end if you can't wait to see...


Get 'Keepsake' via their website and follow them on Twitter for upcoming tour dates and all essential news!


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