Interview With Bellevue Days

September 2, 2017

I had the pleasure of speaking to the guys from Bellevue Days, a 'Sludge Pop' rock quartet straight outta Croydon, ahead of their show with Patrons at The Old Blue Last earlier this month.


What can I say, the future has only got the best in store for these guys. You don't need to be a music elitist to be able to predict great things for these humble and talented young men that played Citadel festival and 2000trees a few weeks ago and have secured themselves a slot at Bestival too. 


It is rare that a band completely sweeps me off my feet and makes me want to listen to every single one of their songs obsessively. Bellevue Days is one of those bands. When telling my friends about them and asked to recommend a song, I was simply unable to pick just one. They all stand out.



The perfected sound of their debut EP The Sun Came Up When We Were Young comes with such sophistication and depth that it's almost inexplicable how they managed to keep their following EPs Sad Boy and most recently Rosehill in the same line of greatness. Rosehill is angry, sharp and eerie and, like the previous EPs and with the exception of Secret Love, reminds me of a refreshed Brand New with endless talent and potential and epic singalong parts that bigger and bigger crowds will scream from the top of their lungs before too long.


A full length is all I want now - because my dream of being in a band picture with them has already come true... 


Many shoutouts were given but the biggest one goes to the guys themselves who were so generous with their time and just solid dudes in general.


Admire Bellevue Days on Instagram, catch them on Twitter and the good ole Facebook right here, and just go see them live, because you need this in your life. 


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