Interview With Muskets

September 15, 2017

Cheung and Dan from Muskets took some time for me before they gigged at The Sebright Arms and despite being attacked by bugs (it didn't make the edit) they stuck it out with me for this fun interview on some benches in front of Fight Zone in Hackney. We also discussed whether we'd like tongues for fingers or fingers for tongues (it also didn't make the edit. But for the record, Dan wants fingers for tongues).


I've since seen Muskets shred it out at The Garage alongside Tigers Jaw and Culture Abuse - thrilled to have been able to catch them at the biggest show they've played so far (though surely it won't stay the biggest one fairly soon).


Huge news followed shortly after this interview when the Brighton four-piece announced the release of their first LP 'Chew' via No Sleep Records. Christ am I excited for this one. If y'all can't handle the anticipation and need a little taste of what's to come, listen to 'You're So Cool' here and pick up your 'Chew' swag right here

I've been hooked on Muskets since I found out about 'Drowsy' which was featured on some compilation. The best eerie grunge tune of the current grunge revival/pop-punk and emo generation I would argue, and I've been sold on 'Spin' ever since the first listen. 


To me Muskets have a very similar energy to 2009 Title Fight, especially on 'Chewing Gum' and just due to the fact that they're four young dudes being effortlessly groundbreaking. Get em on Warped, not because I want them far away but because they deserve to be on that stage making those memories most of us will only dream about having. 


These two broskies were an absolute pleasure to chat to and the ultimate reward was Dan saying it may have been his favorite interview to date (not 'today', I made sure to check) - 10/10, my dudes. 

Follow these little grungers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and make sure to pre-order 'Chew' here which comes out on October 20th - save the date erryone!


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