Interview With Lions Lions

October 29, 2017

When an interview doesn't feel like an interview but more like completely uncensored banter... you know you're hanging out with Lions Lions. The energetic five-piece from Boston stopped over at The Old Blue Last in London for their first UK show ever as part of their first European tour.


I've had a blast talking to Josh, Brandon, Derek, Isaac and Chris about their most recent album 'Monument', their diverse personal music tastes (some of which includes prisoner torture tunes!) and their favorite bands they have toured with. Our conversation also includes particularly juicy details about Sleeping With Sirens' Kellin, sending a fan to the hospital, and Isaac's insane birthday in Prague. 


This description, however, is only an indication of all of what actually went down in this interview, split up in two parts, though it could easily have been three... 


The guys later went on to play an insane set and absolutely smashed it until the very last chords - one of the most exciting live bands you will not want to miss so make sure to follow Lions Lions on Twitter, keep up with all of their news and tours on Facebook and adore their faces on Instagram. Especially recommended: the documentary referred to by Josh when talking about most embarrassing stage moments, 'Isaac fell off the stage'


Absolute mega kudos to these guys for being patient, generous and hilarious - I urge you to catch them live whenever you've got the chance!

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