Interview With ERRA

December 17, 2017

I am really excited to share this extremely interesting interview with two exceptional people. I talked to Jesse and JT from Birmingham, AL band ERRA ahead of their show at The Electric Ballroom in Camden while en route with Northlane.


Truly gifted, humble artists and individuals that put so much more thought and effort into their work than you could grasp from just listening to their records once or twice. I was so wrapped up in the conversation I had to be dragged away so they could take to the stage  They also warmed my heart with the biggest compliment I could wish for which was saying they liked my questions and had a nice time 😍


We talk about their particularly charming German fans 🤔 Jesse's mad songwriting mode 🎨 and, excitingly, the new ERRA record 💿 that's meant to come out early next year! 💪 Check out Part I + II of the interview below and stay up to date with the band's tours and more on Facebook, Twitter + Instagram





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