Coming Soon: Interview With Microwave

December 23, 2017

As most of us are getting into the holiday spirit, I haven't been able to come to a rest yet so close to Christmas Eve. While I do love spending time with my family, which is a rare occasion with all of us living across the globe, I'm not a fan of being bombarded with Christmas songs wherever you go, having to undergo mandatory Christmas dues while still having about 80% of your workload for the year to surmount and being smothered by the smell of Glühwein and forced to fake excitement about the prospect of visiting Christmas markets in the English rain or the German cold.


Nate from Microwave has got my back as he tells me why he hates Christmas, followed by Tyler telling me about his endearing family tradition, the 'Annual Hill Family Christmas Sh*t Show'...



Full interview with Microwave up soon.

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