Interview With Can't Swim

March 16, 2018

I've had the pleasure of catching Chris from Can't Swim after soundcheck at The Shepherd's Bush Empire ahead of their show with Creeper and Microwave a few weeks back. 👻 What a solid dude and a good sport to an interview decorated with dad moments 🧦👨‍👦👟


Can't Swim have only been around for an impressive three or so years but they've captivated audiences from the West to the East coast of the U.S. all the way to Europe, this being their third time in the UK and their second tour with fellow rockers Microwave (here's a snippet of my interview with them from before Christmas 🎄 + here's the whole thang!) Definitely don't sleep on what else they've got up their sleeves - I'm so pleased to see them on bigger stages this early on in their careers and can see them headlining before too long,


I talk to Chris about being committed to the band full-time and the different roles within the band while touring and in the studio, accidentally offend him by implying I think he's 42 years old 👴 and hype up Rush Hour 4 with him 🐲



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