Interview With Microwave

January 25, 2018

A friend of mine recently asked me about my main musical discoveries or favorite albums in the past year and I didn't know what to answer. It's like when people ask you 'What's your favorite food' or 'What's your favorite hobby', so I was pretty much dumbstruck 🤔 A bit later, I had an answer 💡 Besides the obvious - Julien Baker's 'Turn Out The Lights' and 'After Laughter' by Paramore - I realized I had discovered Microwave in August of last year and had listened to them excessively - not only their LPs 'Stovall' and 'Much Love' but their split with Head North and Audiotree Live Sessions as well . And shortly after found out they were coming to London in December. With 'Wrong', Neighbors' and 'Something Right' heavily pulling on my heartstrings, I knew I couldn't miss seeing them live 🤞 


So there we are, I interviewed Nate and Tyler from Microwave ahead of their show at the Shepherd's Bush Empire supporting Creeper on their 'Theatre of Fear' tour. 


These guys were an absolute pleasure to talk to 😇  I found out they're recording a new record 💽 due to come out in May, how they've got the perfect fear tactic to scare off people trying to break into their van 🚐  + some unsuccessful meals in the UK 🍔🦐. But lo' and behold, they largely praised the grub in England, first and foremost 'all the 'co's'. Furthermore, they tell me about touring with Can't Swim, whom I interviewed that same evening about touring with Microwave #FullCircle. 


You'll also be able to hear my German accent coming through when talking about 'seled' bars 🥗


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