Halfnoise At The Borderline

February 3, 2018

Oh boy, HalfNoise played a sold out Borderline show and even before stepping on stage it was bound to be a par-tay. I don't think I've ever seen the Borderline so packed, and I didn't want to fight my way through the dense, young crowd gathered in front of frontman Zac Farro's mic stand, who have probably lined up at the venue for hours prior to doors opening.


With the Paramore drummer at its core, the band played the full range of their dance-inducing experimental 70's indie pop, for lack of a better suited label, filling the venue with this unfamiliar yet massively contagious Nashville feel-good vibe. Next to showing off sick disco moves and top notch quality stage banter, the band premiered a new song called 'Flowers', which will be the title of their new record. The relief of hearing the crowd's ecstatic reaction was written across Zac Farro's face and it's great to see these artists playing non-commercial music they believe in with an audience so receptive and open-minded.


The band's joy of playing small shows without knowing how it's going to go down, the excitement of playing new material for the first time, the unpredictability and slow pace of a show this size, all of these factors contributed to a relaxed but fun-packed live show, allowed room for two of the touring musicians to come up to the microphone to sing 'Happy Birthday' to London, and playing 'Scooby's in the back' for a second time this evening as an encore. 


There's something truly unique about that moment in a band's timespan where things are really, really great just the way that they are, and this is exactly what I was able to be a part of.


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