The XCERTS At Heaven

March 6, 2018


I know I am a fool but I actually hadn't come across The XCERTS until last year and it's not until a friend mentioned Scatterbrain that I actually gave these glorious Scottish rockers a proper listen. Having released album #4, Hold On To Your Heart, I caught the band at the London date of their headline tour. Despite some people not making it out to Heaven due to what the sensitive souls among us (incl. myself) describe as a blizzard, the band was visibly moved by the warm reception their fans gave them ✊


Performing new songs live is always nerve racking, no matter how established a band is. Imagine crafting an album over months and sometimes years, pouring your heart into them and then have fans constantly ask for your old songs instead. With the band taking on a much poppier sound on their new record, the new songs off of Hold On To Your Heart went down like marshmallow hot chocolates ☕️ in this arctic weather, with people going wild when the band was joined on stage with a saxophonist 🎷to accompany Drive Me Wild, and naturally during classic XCERTS such as Shaking In The Water and Live Like This. An unexpected opportunity for a good old singalong was during the almost decade-old Aberdeen 1987, having die hard fans scream the lyrics from the top of their lungs as Murray Macleod stood on stage with his acoustic guitar and the raw passion of his audience.


I may be late to the XCERTS party but now that I'm here I'm not leaving any time soon 😎


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