Interview With Silverstein

March 18, 2018

I love when realities overlap and full circles close. In 2006 I went to my first (actual) show. It was January, it was cold as hell, and this night was the crowning highlight of my most recent obsession with Simple Plan, my favorite band until this day. This was when I realized for the first time that wearing another band's shirt at a show was not a disrespectful thing to do but in fact was an expression of solidarity to a certain music scene. This was when I found myself drenched in sweat and jumping up and down between even sweatier people for the very first time and buying merch after the show (I got everything). 


Another learning as part of this most memorable, ridiculously emotional, impactful night was the fact that there were two other bands of the bill that night. One of them was a band called Silverstein and I remember being a bit scared of how much darker they were than Simple Plan but I was there to learn and listen. Not unlike their tour buddies, Silverstein would go on to play sold out headlining shows all over the globe, making a name for themselves as one of the most beloved Canadian bands with albums of undeniable post-hardcore magnitude like Discovering The Waterfront and I Am Alive In Everything I Touch 💽


I'm absolutely amazed by what they managed to do on their latest album Dead Reflection. It's one of the strongest statements I've heard in a while that a band that's been around for such a long time can deliver new music with the same freshness of a debut record while having a distinct, sophisticated and coherent sound while knocking songs outta the park that ooze energy and surprises. Dead Reflection is Silverstein doing what they do best - a dynamic balance between heavy and melodic, aggression and emotion, rawness and finesse.


There are so many stand out songs on the record. Ghost and Lost Positives are catchy as hell and it seems strange to think there was a time before these songs were written. Retrograde has got one of the heaviest riffs that are bound to catalyze pits after pits after pits with a chorus that will haunt you, and the verse in Aquamarine has got me at my absolute emoest 🖤The Afterglow is one of my favorite songs of last year, its smashing pop-punk vibe and instrumentals causing me to think about how I should just quit my life, turn back time, and become a Warped Tour roadie. This album was born out what have been one of the darkest times for singer Shane Told and it really comes through in a way that just makes you want to turn up the volume louder, and louder, and louder 🎧 While Silverstein's previous records are all epic in one way or another, I'd probably say Dead Reflection is my favorite one yet.


So on that note - I am beyond psyched to share my interview with Shane from Silverstein in 2018, an incredible 12 years after seeing the band for the first time at my inauguration of rawk 🤘that should act as a trailblazing event for my musical future. How could I not start off the interview by asking about the tour with Simple Plan and the shenanigans they got themselves into that same night that changed it all for me? We also talk about nostalgia, living out of a suitcase and the strict review Silverstein have to undergo when they're in Germany 🇩🇪And - I know I probably say this a lot about a lot of bands but - can I just take a moment to appreciate what an awesome dude Shane is. In an industry that's so fast-paced and exclusive, he's one of the most down to earth, eloquent people that really cares. About fans, about what's happening in the scene and in the world at large, about putting on a great show and challenging himself musically (check out his project River Oaks 🙌) and about being a good human. 


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