Sumo Cyco At Boston Music Room

April 9, 2018


Sumo Cyco won me over with a vengeance. There are several reasons why I spontaneously and unexpectedly fell in love with this fiery Canadian four-piece. While they're not a band I would have necessarily come across in my usual somewhat limited circle of familiar bands and genres (a term Sumo Cyco don't believe in anyway), I've come to really love and appreciate this band for what they are, i.e. pretty freaking unique 🦄with a massive passion and dedication for what they are doing. And the more I found out about how they functioned, on and off stage, and how deeply they are involved in both the organizational and the creative side of being in a band, the more I understood and embraced their music. 🙌


The band led by singer Skye Sweetnam aka Sever has one of the most impressive work ethics and authentic styles I have ever seen. They are as DIY as it gets despite their growing popularity all over the world and their involvement with every aspect of their output is apparent. From managing their own tours and and making their own music videos to designing and selling (and dispatching!) merch, Sumo Cyco are a self-fuelling engine that, despite their heavy workload on tour, still has 100% steam to perform a killer set on top of performing an exclusive acoustic set every day of the tour for the hardcore fans - and meeting every single person that turns up at their gig. This band truly believes in what they do and they're giving it blood, sweat and tears. 🙏



When it comes to putting on a show, Sumo Cyco do not mess around. From the second they start the sold out show at Boston Music Room with the long, epic intro to Sleep Tight there is no turning back. The Opus Mar - a fictional train their second LP is named after - is going full throttle and Skye's perfectly pitched, insanely stylized vocal performance translates seamlessly into the live show. Despite their drilling, dark metal-punk hymns like Anti-Anthem and Free Yourself, the band shocks this room full of black t-shirts, long beards and pungent body odor with a ginormous splash of color. 🌈💥🎨


Needless to say, the currently pink-haired Skye is the center of attention, and I dare anyone who watches her perform and sing and scream her heart out to withdraw themselves from the spell she seems to cast on her surroundings. She is the self-proclaimed captain of the Sumo Cyco ship and her full deck of sailors is hanging on her every command - whether it's jumping up and down relentlessly or lowering down to the floor entirely during Move Mountains before exploding into a mosh pit. While bassist Kenny 'Thor' and drummer Trozzi stand their ground on the venue's stage, Skye rides on guitarist MD13's shoulders and makes plenty of excursions into the crowd, orders a shot of jack at the bar during Fighter and lets herself be carried back to the stage on a fan's shoulders. 🤘


In line with their continuous aim to include their fans as much as possible and erase any barriers, the band later has the audience vote on a cover of either Dua Lipa's New Rules or The Red Hot Chilli Pepper's Give It Away and although the latter is the clear winner here in London, definitely check out both covers that the band put their distinctive spin on. It's evident that the band adores their followers, celebrating a fan's way of expressing herself and hugging her on stage. Sumo Cyco's energy burns until the very last note, firing off Limp in a heated encore, climbing amps and later joining the sweaty crowd for a final round in the moshpit. 🔥


👉Stay tuned for my interview with Skye and Trozzi! 


Find out more about this bloody incredible four-piece on their website, on YouTube for all them crazy music videos, and of course check out Faceybook and Twittericious 📲especially for current tour dates!



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