Now, Now At The Dome And 'Saved' Album Review

May 19, 2018


After the incredible 2012 release of Threads and some member changes, Now, Now have made a transformational comeback six years later, and I had the pleasure to witness the first live performance of some of the songs off the new album Saved


Anyone hoping Now Now’s new record to sound anything like their 2012 Threads will be in for a surprise. Saved is sensual, dreamy and nostalgic record that catapults the band from the world of angsty indie-emo rock into an almost ethereal dimension of electro-pop. Though it certainly didn’t come without a struggle for the band, who have overcome creative as well as personal insecurities and frustrations in the process of writing the record - but the finished album confirms they’ve taken the necessary time to create a work of art the band takes pride in.


The opening track SGL has been out for a while and has been performed by the band throughout the last year and despite being on the calmest spectrum rock music offers, the bridge in particular is an inevitable singalong moment for any crowd. KC Dalager’s breezy vocals blend in perfectly with Brad Hale’s programmed drums and various synth noises and the duo experiment plenty with several vocal distortions, the most prominent example being on the minimal Knowme, one of the first tracks the band plays live at the show at The Dome.


Window is a stark contrast, erupting into a synth filled wave of echoes at the end of the song. With lines like ‘Don’t you know I’m desperate for you? Every night I’m at your window, wondering when you’re gonna let me in’, it shows a new, more pleading and urgent approach to similar lyrical themes of earlier songs like But I do or School friends.


Another stand out is Set it free, which has almost got a retro feel with a hint of 80s to it, conjuring up images of long summer sunset drives and nostalgia, with KC singing about the last glimpse of hope of turning a relationship around. 


Furthermore, the contagious energy of Yours translates live perfectly - and is probably the song that will get stuck in your head like a stubborn virus. The album is rich with religious metaphors, speaking of angels, demons, sinners and salvation, all tied together in the title track in which KC exclaims ‘Oh my God, I’m saved’


The record is a testament to the band’s new found confidence in themselves and in their musical and lyrical abilities and opens up entirely possibilities and audiences. Don't sleep on this enchanting duo as it seems like they're just about to take off into the universe of dreamy electro-pop 🌈🚀


Be sure to check out Saved right here and keep up with all Now, Now news on Bacefook, Twinstagram and Twitteritus


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