Interview With Sumo Cyco

June 2, 2018

At last, at last... It's finally here and I'm so ashamed about how long it took me, but the production of this video has come with a load of unexpected technical issues requiring several external helpers... (And I'm still salty bout it) But I'm really excited to be sharing my interview with Skye and Trozzi from Sumo Cyco today.


I urge, no plead, everyone to check out this band and what they have done. They're a remarkable group of people and musicians that I praised enough in this blog post righh huurrr but need to mention just one last time how refreshing their attitude and passion for their work is, and how they're absolute grenades live and on the record. Please have a read, and also check out the band's website and YouTube channel which is a work of art in itself. 


Can't wait to see what comes next for these rascals, as far as I'm concerned it will be great, great things 


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