Skating Polly At The Sebright Arms

September 13, 2018


With the words 'Hey f***ers!', Kelli Mayo kicks off a night of pure ugly pop madness at The Sebright Arms. Skating Polly are back with their 5th (!) album The Make It All Show and seeing siblings Peyton, Kurtis and Kelli dig into both their new and older material is like an electric shock to the system in all the best ways possible. Queen For A Day and Camelot off the new record sound incredible in this setting and the band know exactly how to pour fuel in the fire and rock hits from The Big Fit as well.  


Disclaimer: unfortunately, lighting was challenging so that Kelli got a bit of extra love. Apologies Peyton and Kurtis! 😑


Catch Skating Polly on tour if you get the chance because they don't mess around when it comes to live shows 🙌...and obviously listen to The Make It All Show, their best album yet imho 🤫


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