Joyce Manor At O2 Kentish Town Forum

November 23, 2018


A Joyce Manor show means a big party, regardless of whether they headline or not. Supporting Basement on their UK run, Joyce Manor brought the punk rock circus to London, where they were met by a sea of chanting fans as the band smashed out the classics.


From Constant Headache and Heart Tattoo to Victoria, there is nothing quite as uniting as shouting 'I realize it's true, everything reminds me of you' at the top of your lungs in a room full of friends and strangers. Joyce Manor showed off more recent work as well, having the crowd get their rowdy on to Last You Heard Of Me and Think I'm Still In Love With You


Joyce Manor have come a long way since I last saw them at Bush Hall. They are the punk rock party band with a contagious energy that has been soaring for the past couple of years, with no signs of landing in sight.


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