Sumo Cyco At Electric Ballroom

December 17, 2018


And the Best Live Act for 2018 goes to... The Canadian 4-piece really doesn't leave much room for competition in this category. Touring Europe and the UK as direct support for CKY, Sumo Cyco did what they do best - winning new audiences over and making sure 'noone is safe'. Whether you're a die-hard fan or have never heard of them before, Skye Sweetnam and her boys will make sure you have an absolute blast. 


After the band's opener Sleep Tight followed by Anti-Anthem and their latest release Undefeated, it's hard to say whether the singer spends more time on the stage while performing songs off of their second album Opus Mar; or whether it's on top of someone's shoulders in the crowd, stage-diving (or rather floating on top of adoring hands) and walking over to the bar to order a shot of Jaeger mid-song. Skye commands even the toughest dudes to join her lowered down on the floor before erupting in a mosh party for Move Mountains. Their cover of System Of A Down's B.Y.O.B has fans and Cyco-newcomers alike headbanging violently.


Sumo Cyco are the champions of winning people over, of turning audiences from stone cold to boiling hot. They seize the supporting slot and abduct the crowd into their universe, people surrendering almost instantly to the irresistible appeal of the creative force that is Sumo Cyco. The energy this band spreads is contagious and lasts way, way beyond the duration of the show. I find myself still buzzing hours if not days after the show, counting down the minutes to get lost in Cyco City again. 


Stay tuned for my second interview with these gorgeous people 🎬🎬🎬





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