Interview: Pagan

December 19, 2018

Truth be told, when sitting across Nikki (vocals) and Dan (bass/vocals) from Pagan, it seems unimaginable that they're going to be tearing The Old Blue Last a new one in just a minute. The pair are calm, extremely kind, warm and thoughtful as we talk about deeply personal experiences as well as the band's visual branding and what kind of stage gimmicks they'd like to pull off 🎠😅


The Melbourne quartet is one of the most exciting bands to come out of hardcore. Not only is their debut album Black Wash a fusion of styles you won't have heard anywhere else but, as mentioned above, their live shows are complete mayhem. The passion the members of Pagan have for the band and the performance of their songs goes beyond merely playing live to an audience and leaves the crowd feeling as though they really just got pulled into a religious cult. 


More pictures from Pagan's set at the Hassle Records Xmas Bash right here, as they are about the funnest band to shoot... So enjoy the interview and put on Black Wash on repeat! ✌️


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