Interview: Sumo Cyco (Vol.2!)

December 25, 2018

If only I had words to describe how much I learned to love this band this year. Earlier in March my friend and videographer Tom told me about one of his favorite bands, this crazy Canadian metal band with an amazingly talented front woman, and I should check them out... Shortly after I found myself obsessing over the whole of their creative work, from DIY music videos to merch designs and other creative concepts. And of course it didn't stop there. After interviewing them at their headliner at Boston Music Rooms, I had the great pleasure of seeing the band live. And let me tell you.


I've praised them enough in my previous interview posts and reviews but Sumo Cyco really are something else. I think the word to describe them best is contagious, as they are radiating energy, positivity and creativity. Oh yeah, and No one is safe


I'm so happy to present to you... my second interview with the kind and wonderful Skye and Trozzi before their show at Electric Ballroom earlier this month. We talk about their recently released Acoustic Sessions Vol.2 (!!!) and teensy insights into their new album (!!!) and the (un)fortunate van break in.* Also, the guys show off brand new tattoos yet again! I should just rename this whole Eyes Closed thing into 'Tattoo Guide With Sumo Cyco' 🤔.


So if this ain't a real Christmas gift for ya, I don't know what is! 🎄ENJOY! 😘


* #givebacktrozzisunderwear



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