Interview: Fucked Up

February 2, 2019

It's been a slow January, but things sped up rapidly once I found out I was going to interview Fucked Up. The Canadian hardcore-punk legends stopped over in London and delivered a typically high energy set at The Garage, tearing down crowd barriers and genre limitations. 


Very pumped and grateful for this interview - despite the unexpected nightmare I had getting to the venue due to an Arsenal game (which meant me fighting through London's underground and bus system to finish the last mile on foot in a crowd of hooligans - to speak in dramatic turns - hence the sweaty bangs across my forehead 💁‍♀️) Although I've only come to properly understand this very recently, Fucked Up is one of the most relevant and progressive bands in the hardcore/punk genre, and has been for a long time. Their latest release Dose Your Dreams is a huge accomplishment for the band so I urge you to check out this masterpiece!


I had the chance to speak to drummer Jonah about what Dose Your Dreams meant for the band, including his favorite track (spoiler - it features Jennifer Castle and J Mascis) and where he sees the future of the band. We further talk about adjusting to life in London as a Canadian and he shares his useful knowledge of Scottish land rights trials 😅



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